Saturday, November 21, 2009

Noodle fun!

On Wednesday 11/11, about a dozen of Sarana clients, staff and volunteers gathered to eat some yummy noodles (and things that go well with noodles:) and to discuss the book Acupuncture is like Noodles. After a brief introduction and a short report from the latest Board meeting of Community Acupuncture Network, we ate and talked and ate some more. It was a wonderful evening, full of nourishing food and stimulating conversation. Among the foods we sampled: Mexican spaghetti, Vietnamese noodle soup, kugel with fresh apples, mac'n'cheese, noodly-looking green beans with pesto sauce, and a surprise pumpkin pie that had no noodles in it at all, but was welcomed with open mouths nevertheless.

We passed around a clipboard and collected written comments on the book. We would like to share a few quotes with you.:

"... I enjoy the writing style that anticipates a reader's potential questions and concerns and lets them know that they will be answered and addressed in a humorous way."
- Carol S., client

"Thanks you for so clearly and definitely asserting that the ability to be helpful implies a moral obligation to do so, for a medical practitioner"
- P.M.

"My favorite bit of Noodles is about social businesses - businesses whose primary purpose is social benefit rather than profit. "
- Pam C., practitioner

"There is a strength and beauty in the access / freedom from so many restrictions that are standard to health care, which you address so nicely in Noodles. A point I really appreciated was your description of how what's important to a person, everyday values, can be and should be transferred into a sustainable business (i.e. the woman preparing for a party analogy)".
- Anna, volunteer

"I love how this book debunks the oh so popular conception that acupuncture is only for few people as in 'boutique' health care. Noodles are for all kinds of people all over the world, and so is acupuncture." - Pam F., volunteer

Did you know that Noodles is being sold at the famous Powell's Books in Portland, OR? If you have digested your Noodles and would like to leave a comment about the book on Powell's website, follow this link, sign up for an account and comment away!

If you still haven't read the book, you can get one at Sarana or from Working Class Acupuncture. It makes a lovely holiday gift :)

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