Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NEW Sarana Herbal Soup MIx

We are expanding our medicinal food offerings at Sarana!
In addition to the popular
Pam's Breakfast Grains, we now have Sarana Herbal Soup Mix. It is a pleasant-tasting, energy boosting herbal mix to add to your favorite chicken or vegetable soup recipe. Made with certified organic and pesticide free herbs from the reputable Spring Wind Herbs, the mix is available for $3 per bag.

*lotus seed (lian zi), *red ganoderma (ling zhi), *astragalus (huang qi), **coix seeds (yi yi ren), **goji berries (gou qi zi), **codonopsis (dang shen), **longan fruit (long yan rou), **solomon's seal rhizome (yu zhu)

*organic, **premium quality tested for pesticides.


All of these herbs can be used for general wellness. Astragalus and ganoderma help boost energy and immune function. Coix seed and codonopsis assist digestion and enhance energy. Lotus seed and longan are calming and nourish the heart. Goji berries are a blood tonic and assist eye health and also have some immune boosting function. Polygonatum helps restore moisture and nourish the lungs.

Preparation Notes:

The herb mix bag is enough for a soup recipe for 4 – 6 large servings. Use your favorite chicken or vegetable soup recipe and add the herbs to the water or broth at the beginning of the cooking process. For best results, simmer the herbs in the soup for at least 45 minutes. You can add fresh garlic, ginger, or any seasonal vegetables you like. All the herbs are edible, but some might be too fibrous, so you can discard them after cooking. If you prefer not to eat the herbs, place them in a cheesecloth pouch, boil the pouch in the soup and remove after cooking. Eat the soup daily for a week while recovering from illness or once a week to support wellness and boost energy. Enjoy!

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