Monday, December 30, 2013

Pam's Calendars

Happy New Year!
Please come visit Sarana and pick up a FREE 2014 calendar, hand-drawn by our own Pam Chang. She lovingly creates a different calendar every year. You can see this year's image above. Supplies are limited so stop by and get some acupuncture soon and grab one while we still have them.

What Pam says about her calendars:

I learned architectural illustration in the mid-1970s, back when architecture students were taught freehand drawing. I've drawn a calendar most years since 1985. At first, the subjects were buildings that I'd recently seen.
Now, the calendars feature anything significant of the year for me. I've drawn monuments, mountains, acupuncture points of the hand, Chinese herbs, mushrooms, the Sarana nautilus logo, honeybees, and lately, animals of the Chinese zodiac.

The drawings are done in pencil and/or ink, drawn from life or copied from photographs. I usually do 2-3 drafts before beginning a final tracing. After selecting a topic, each calendar takes 30-some hours of sporadic work squeezed into the weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

Pictures of sheep or goats or other nominations for the 2015 calendar are welcome!


  1. My walk in experience with Pam was life changing. I was in chronic pain for about 9 months exhausted my medical visits and pain medications. My regular visits with Pam took away a lot of my chronic pain & other issue, constant ringing of my ears, itchy dark spot on my back, lump on my finger started disappearing my positive energy and outlook to life. I am going to be a regular for maintenance and overall well being for me and my family. No pills, no side effects & very affordable. Thank You!

    1. Rani - thanks so much for your positive comments - if you are willing, would you post this on our Yelp page (