Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Invisible Receptionist - How Does It Work?

Sometimes instead of having a live receptionist on duty, we use a self-check-in system we fondly refer to as our "Invisible Receptionist".

We'd like to explain how it's set up and help you use it with ease and clarity. 

Here is what the Invisible Receptionist set up looks like when you walk into Sarana waiting area from the street:

Sign with simple instructions: please read them carefully, they will help.

Signing-in: lately we are using a sign-in sheet to help us keep track of arrival times and walk-ins - please sign in when you arrive.

Payment envelopes: write your name on the envelope (preferably in pencil), place your payment inside and do not seal it - that way we can reuse the envelope.

Paying by credit card? Need a receipt? Use these handy credit card authorization and receipt forms:

Where does the payment envelope go? Walk through the swinging door into the treatment space and look to your left - drop your payment into the wood payment box attached the side of the wooden shelf:

Still have questions? Ask your practitioner!
Hope this helps and enjoy your acu-nap.... zzzzz

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