Tuesday, December 2, 2014

FREE Acupuncture for POCA members on New Year's Day!

We would like to start 2015 by offering a gift to our fellow POCA members: free acupuncture treatments!
If you are a POCA co-op member, you can come in on 1/1/15 between 12 and 3 pm for free acupuncture!
Appointments highly recommended.

Non-POCA members are most welcome to come in and join the fun, but regular sliding scale fees will apply.

Want to get the free treatment? Join our co-op!
POCA patient / community membership offers many benefits and allows you to actively support the community acupuncture revolution.

Here is what you do:

  1. Join POCA at home before you come to the clinic. (We will have support for joining POCA at the clinic on New Year's Day of you have difficulty with filling out internet forms, you will need a credit / debit card)
  2. Forward to us your "welcome to POCA"/proof of membership email or bring in the print out of the email. 
  3. Schedule an acupuncture appointment on 1/1/15 and come in for FREE.
  4. Feel proud to support the community acupuncture movement!