Saturday, December 26, 2015

Meditation with Tibetan Bowls

Join us for simple mindfulness meditation focusing on breath and sound of Tibetan "singing" bowls
By donation ~ Drop-in ~ All are welcome
with Jacqueline Lasahn

Sunday, March 20  7-8pm

Sunday, April 17  7-8 pm

Jacqueline Lasahn is a long-time supporter of Sarana; she has shared her singing bowl meditation with us at our 5th Anniversary event in 2013.

Jacqueline has been playing Tibetan Bowls for over 30 years. She participated with the late Elisabeth Targ, MD, in a study funded by the National Institutes of Health through the California Pacific Medical Center, examining the power of prayer in healing advanced AIDS patients; she worked remotely using ritual with Tibetan bowls, bells and chanting. Jacqueline has lead sound meditations and ceremony at Wilbur Hot Springs for 20 years. Co-founder of Temple of Living Prayer, she served as minister and pastor for over ten years in Sacramento. 

For more information about Jacqueline’s work see:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sarana Practitioner In Search of Housing

Our acupuncturist Vig Swaminathan is looking for affordable housing in the area. Here is his announcement:

Hi everyone! 
I'm seeking a room for rent in Berkeley, Albany or El Cerrito.  My preference is to live in a space that is quiet, clean and nourishing.  I work five days a week and am often out of the house for most of the day.  In the evenings, I usually do my yoga and meditation practice, as well as reading and writing.  I like to cook and would love access to a nice kitchen.  I also love community and would be excited to live with other mellow, healthy folks, but I'm also fine living in a stand alone unit.  I go to bed relatively early and wake up early, and require a good nights sleep so that I can be fully present with my acupuncture patients.  So, I'd prefer housemates who don't throw loud parties. 
And since I work in community acupuncture, my income is very modest and so I can only afford a more modest rent. 

I can be contacted at

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope to hear from you soon!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Holiday Gift Certificate Sale!

We are having a Holiday Gift Certificate sale!
As the winter holiday season arrives, we want to encourage you to shop locally and to share the goodness of community acupuncture with your loved ones.

We are offering:
  • Initial acupuncture visit gifts for just $20 each
  • Follow-up acupuncture visit gifts for just $15 each
  • Available through 12/31/15
  • Limit 5 gift certificates per recipient, but you can buy them for several people
  • Purchase in person, over the phone, or by mailing us a check with instructions
  • Gifts for a $ amount toward any services are also available.
  • Colorful envelopes are available!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

FREE Treatments for POCA Co-op Members on New Year's Day!

We would like to start 2016 by offering a gift to our fellow POCA members: free acupuncture treatments. If you are a current POCA co-op member, you can come in on Friday 1/1/16 between 11 am and 4 pm for a free treatment!
Non-POCA members are most welcome, regular sliding scale fees will apply.
Appointments highly recommended; we will have two practitioners available.
Want to get that free New Year's Day treatment? Join our co-op or renew your lapsed membership!
POCA membership costs as little as $25 / year, offers many benefits, and allows you to actively support the community acupuncture revolution. Plus we regularly offer specials for POCA members throughout the year.
Here is what you do:
  1.  Join POCA at home before you come to the clinic. (We will have support for joining POCA at the clinic on New Year's Day of you have difficulty with filling out internet forms (you will need a credit / debit card)
  2. Forward to us your "welcome to POCA"/proof of membership email or bring in the print out of the email. 
  3. Schedule an acupuncture appointment on 1/1/16 and come in for a FREE acupuncture treatment.
  4. To renew, log into your POCA account and click on “Your Control Panel” at top of page, then click on “View/ Renew Membership” on the left side of screen.

yes, you can get one of these pretty POCA stickers for free when you join :)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Introducing Our New Acupuncturist, Vignesh (Vig) Swaminathan, LAc!

We are excited to announce a new addition to our practitioner team!
Vignesh brings a calm reassuring presence and a strong commitment to community acupuncture.

Vig will be working:
  • Sundays 10 am–2 pm starting on 11/22/15**
  • Mondays 9:30 am–2 pm starting on 12/7/15 (he will also work on Monday 11/23)
**Please note that Pam will be switching from working on Sundays to working on Saturdays 1-3 pm (overlapping with Sean 1-2 pm) starting 12.5.15

About Vig in his own words:
I first learned about acupuncture while living at a Zen monastery. I think getting acupuncture is a lot like going on a meditation retreat. When I give an acupuncture treatment, I like to support the deepest layers of body and psyche. I work in Community Acupuncture clinics because I enjoy making health care accessible to everyone.  I also love the sense of community that happens in group acupuncture settings.

 In my free time, I teach meditation at Esalen Institute in Big Sur. I also like to spend a lot of time in the mountains. I strongly believe that Wilderness is the greatest medicine and I would encourage you to lose yourself in Her as much as possible.

Monday, September 28, 2015

POCA Co-op Fall 2015 Membership Drive Special: $15 acupuncture treatments for all POCA members in October!

Join POCA (People's Organization of Community Acupuncture) as a patient / community member for as little as $25 / year (or renew your existing membership) and receive:
  • Unlimited $15 acupuncture treatments for any POCA member during October, 2015 
  • FREE acupuncture treatment on Monday 10/12, 2015 (current POCA members only)
POCA membership offers many benefits including:
  • A free birthday treatment
  • Three “free first treatment" certificates for your friends and family to use at any POCA member clinic
  • Waiving of new patient paperwork fees at all POCA member clinics – great for when you travel!
Plus it allows you to actively support POCA Technical Institute, created to affordably train new generations of community acupuncturists!

Here is what you do:
  1. Go online and join POCA
  2. If you are already a member, renew your membership: a) Log into your POCA account; b) click on “Your Control Panel” at top of page; c) click on “View/ Renew Membership” on the left side of screen. If you are having trouble with this, please email us (attn: Donna) and we'll help you figure it out.
  3. Forward us your "Welcome to POCA" / proof of membership email or bring in the print out of that email.
  4. Come in as often as you like during the month of October, and pay only $15 per treatment as a POCA member!
  5. Sign up and come in to get a FREE treatment on 10/12 (Indigenous People's Day)! Make your appointment here.
  6. Feel proud to support the community acupuncture movement!
Our goal for this drive is 40 new and renewing members - please help us reach it! 
yes, you can get one of these pretty POCA stickers for free when you join :)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Albany Local Week: 5 for $90 Special September 20 - 27!

Once again, the City of Albany, CA is inviting residents and friends to celebrate our town by shopping, eating and playing within Albany's square mile radius.

Local businesses are offering Albany Local Week Specials and there are a number of local events taking place during the week.

Our Albany Local Week Special: get 5 acupuncture treatments for only $90!
  • Available to buy only 9/20-9/27
  • Valid for either initial or follow-up visits, with no additional paperwork fee
  • Only one 5-treatment package can be purchased per person at a time (if you use all of the first package before 9/27 you may buy a second one)
  • No expiration date once purchased
  • Available to buy for yourself or as gifts for others; we have gift certificates!
  • No other discounts and/or specials apply
  • You can buy one in person or by calling 510.526.5056 during our business hours.
  • You do not need to be an Albany resident

Thursday, August 20, 2015

3 Days Only: Back to School Special 3 for $55

3 for $55 Acupuncture Package: get 3 treatments for only $55 - save a bit of money and get set up with some prepaid sessions to help you kick off the school year!

These are available to buy FOR 3 DAYS ONLY: Monday 8/24 through Wednesday, 8/26, 2015.

Get some acupuncture to boost your immunity, to help smooth the transition to new schedules and to ease the adjustment through seasonal changes.

The details:
  • Valid for either initial or follow-up visits, no paperwork fee required! (great way to introduce someone to acupuncture)
  • One 3-treatment package per person
  • Available to buy as gifts for others, gift certificates available
  • No other discounts apply, no expiration date once purchased
  • Purchase in person or over the phone by calling 510.526.5056

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Meet Our New Board of Directors

As part of converting to a non-profit organization, Sarana incorporated and became a California public benefit corporation. We have a fantastic new Board of Directors and we held our very first Board meeting on July 20. Please meet our Board members:

L -> R: Jeff Levin, Donna Landazuri, Dana Feliz

Donna Landazuri, Chair:
As the Office Maven at Sarana for the past three years, Donna has been doing a stellar job managing the volunteer team, and providing administrative support. Donna has been managing teams and improving administrative systems for over 10 years in a variety of settings. She also founded and led a non-profit organization that provided support and education to families with young children. Donna is a member of Sarana's Management Collaborative.

Dana Feliz, Vice-Chair:
Dana has been a regular client at Sarana since August of 2009, and regards the clinic as her sanctuary. She has certifications in Landscape Design and Landscape Construction from City College of San Francisco and has been lovingly caring for our clinic plants for years.

Jeff Levin, LAc:
Jeff is a co-owner and acupuncturist at Oakland Acupuncture Project, one of Sarana's sister Bay Area POCA clinics. Aside from personally providing an average of 80 acupuncture treatments a week, he oversees the operations of two clinic locations and manages 6 employees. He has been working in community acupuncture since 2009.

A Chart of All the Treatments Provided by Sarana Thus Far!

During the process of filling out our non-profit application, we have had to put all kinds of data together. Here is handy chart to show how many affordable acupuncture treatments we have given at Sarana since our opening in 2008 (the 2015 number includes up to the month of June):

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Acu-Buddies Special Days: Two-for-One Acupuncture!

Bring a friend with you, and you both receive acupuncture for the price of one treatment on the following days:
  • Wednesday 12/2
  • Friday 12/4

Please make separate appointments for each person.

$10 paperwork fee applies for new clients, no other discounts or specials apply.

Share the cost and relax together!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pam's Report from POCAfest Rhode Island

What I took home from the Rhode Island POCAfest June 12-14, 2015 was a satellite-eye perspective of Community Acupuncture. Most of the time, I keep my attention on Sarana, on my clients' needs and concerns, on running the business, paying bills, and, lately, on converting us to a nonprofit. The POCA website has a vast collection of blogs and posts from my colleagues across the country – but I look at it sporadically and mostly for specific answers to issues Sarana is facing. What POCAfest did for me was to take me over the horizon – not just the spatial horizon of my particular clinic in Northern California, but also the time horizon of where acupuncture in North America has been and where it's likely to go.

Photo credit: Jade Fang of Jade Community Acupuncture

What is vastly inspiring is to see how Community Acupuncture (CA) has swept the continent in the ten years of its existence and to see that we are on a trajectory to transform the acupuncture profession while setting an example both for new systems of healthcare delivery and for small business development.

During the POCAfest keynote address, Alexa Hulsey of East Nashville Community Acupuncture provided an impressive summary of what POCA co-op has accomplished since its inception, and invited the participants to envision where POCA will go next and to write down their wishes and ideas throughout the weekend.

When I completed acupuncture school in 2007, there were no acupuncture jobs. Graduates were expected to open up their own private-room practices and to charge charge $50-100 per visit. Today's graduates now have the option of being hired at existing CA clinics. Over 1 million acupuncture treatments in 2014 happened in community clinics. In fact, we estimate that 1/6th of all acupuncture treatments given in the US in 2014 took place in POCA clinics.

Today, it is rumored that 1/3rd of existing US acupuncture schools will close or merge in the next few years because of concerns that their graduates cannot obtain gainful employment. POCATechnical Institute (POCATech) is the only new acupuncture college to emerge recently. POCATech was a glint in the eye of POCA founders three years ago. This month, POCATech's first class has completed its first year – at a fraction of the cost that they would pay at other schools. On the wish list that POCAfest attendees created over the weekend, someone wrote: “A POCATech branch in New England” and someone else wrote: “A dozen POCATech branches”.

Break-out sessions during the weekend included: Community Acupuncture 101 for people wanting to open new CA clinics; business operations sessions for front desk staff, owners, and employees; sessions for sharing favorite acupuncture techniques; a workshop on welcoming diversity; a large discussion on developing our sensitivity and capability for treating trauma survivors; and a session on creating alternative business models – co-ops and nonprofits. All of the sessions I went to were well-attended with lots of informed Q+A. Clearly, participants were sharing useful information for tasks that they cared about, tasks that they were in the middle of dealing with.

Being at POCAfest let me see myself as part of a group that shares ideas, states its wishes, gets things done, and changes the world. It's an inspiring place to be.

POCAfest moves to Marin Headlands, California for the weekend of Sept 26-28, 2015. POCAfest is open to POCA members, friends, and family – patients, acupuncturists, clinic owners, and affiliated organization members. Marin Headlands is a beautiful setting on the beach. Bring your family, hike, watch the surfers, get treated at the drop-in POCAfest acupuncture clinic, meet your peers, learn more about Community Acupuncture. Come take a peek over the horizon and be refreshed and re-invigorated.

~ by Pam Chang, June 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Two-for-One Acu-Buddies Day: This Friday 6/26!

Bring a friend with you on Friday 6/26 and one of you gets a FREE treatment!

($10 paperwork fee applies for all new clients, no other discounts or specials apply)

Share the cost and relax together!
Please make separate appointments for each person.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer 5-Treatment Package Special!

Celebrate Summer Solstice & Father's Day (both on June 21st!)
5 for $90 Acupuncture Package

Get 5 treatments for only $90 - that's 10% savings on the low end of our sliding scale.

These are available to buy Thursday 6/18 through Thursday, 6/25, 2015 only.

Set yourself up with some consistent acupuncture care for the Summer season and save a bit of money.

And treat your dad to some relaxing acu-naps!

The details:
  • Valid for either initial or follow-up visits, no paperwork fee required!

  • One 5-treatment package per person, not transferable / shareable

  • Available to buy as gifts for others, gift certificates available
  • No other discounts apply, no expiration date

  • Purchase in person or over the phone

Friday, May 15, 2015

POCA Stickers!

We've got POCA - People's Organization of Community Acupuncture stickers! Join POCA co-op and get one of these beauties (plus $15 treatments the rest of May and a whole lot more!) See this post for details on joining and participating in our May special.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

POCA Co-op Spring Membership Drive Special!

Our clinic is a proud member of POCA co-op (People's Organization of Community Acupuncture).
You can join POCA as a patient / community member for as little as $25 per year.
During the month of May we are joining POCA member clinics across North America in the Spring membership drive and offering special deals for POCA members:

Unlimited $15 acupuncture treatments for any POCA member during May 2 – 31, 2015 (additional $10 paperwork fee for new clients on 1st visit only)

POCA membership offers many benefits including: a free birthday treatment, 3 “free first treatment" certificates for your friends and family to use at any POCA member clinic, waiving of new patient paperwork fees at all POCA member clinics – great for when you travel.
Plus it allows you to actively support POCA in offering micro-loans to start community acupuncture clinics in an underserved areas and to affordably train new generations of community acupuncturists at POCA Technical Institute.

Here is what you do:

  1. Join POCA at home before you come to the clinic. (We are not able to use the clinic computers to enroll new POCA members)
  2. Forward to us your "welcome to POCA" / proof of membership email or bring in the print out of that email when you come to the clinic
  3. Come in as often as you like during the month of May, and pay only $15 per treatment as a POCA member.
  4. Feel proud to support the community acupuncture movement!

Last Fall Sarana surpassed the goal of signing up 30 new and renewing POCA members during the membership drive month. We want to add at least 30 more members this Spring!
POCA-wide the goal is to add 400 new and renewing members in May.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our New Waiting Room

We have recently re-arranged our waiting room, and it is now more open and cozy - come by and check it out and let us know what you think!

We will have some more improvements in the coming months, so don't stay away too long - we love seeing you and helping you stay relaxed and healthy.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

7-Year Anniversary Special!

On 3/18/15, Sarana will be 7 years old!
 To celebrate, we are offering a special during our "Birthday" week:

5 for $90 Acupuncture Package: get 5 treatments for only $90 - that’s at least 10% savings on our regular fees.

These are available to buy Monday, March 16 - Sunday, March 22, 2015 only.
Set yourself up with some consistent acu-naps for the Spring and save a bit of money.

The details:

  • Valid for either initial or follow-up visits, no paperwork fee required!

  • One 5-treatment package per person, not transferable / shareable

  • Available to buy as gifts for others, gift certificates available

  • No other discounts or frequent recliner cards apply, no expiration date

  • Purchase in person or over the phone

Monday, February 23, 2015

Volunteer Opportunities

Help us keep Sarana humming with wonderful community spirit. Join our great team of volunteers and help sustain and grow "the quiet revolution" of affordable, community-based acupuncture.
Free acupuncture is part of your reward for volunteering! All our volunteers are members of the POCA co-op and are regular Sarana clients.

Cleaning & Laundry
Do you love cleaning? We have an immediate opening for a weekly volunteer housekeeper to help keep the clinic sparkling and tidy. We use only environmentally-friendly biodegradable cleaning products. The work includes vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, dusting and some mopping. This job takes 2-3 hours per week and needs to be done outside of clinic operating hours. Every other week cleaning is also a possibility if you cannot commit to every week.
We also have a need for a laundry volunteer for 1-2 times per month for about 2 hours each shift.

Front Desk
Weekly reception shifts are between 2 and 5 hours long, and training and support are provided. Basic computer skills and the ability to multitask while remaining friendly and calm are very important. We ask our volunteers for a minimum commitment of 6 months.

Are you a natural “Fix-It” person? We have a new volunteer opportunity for someone to help with maintenance and minor repairs of physical things at the clinic. This person will need to be available/on call for issue resolution and also to inspect the premises at least 2 x/ month in order to find and correct  potential problems. The work is expected to take 4-5 hours per month.

To learn more and apply, please email ATTN: Donna, call the clinic (510.526.5056) or just stop by and ask.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Staff / Schedule Changes & Welcome to Jason Sandys!

It's a new Lunar New year and some new developments are in the air at Sarana.

We are saying goodbye to Lynn Bertzyk at the end of this month -- her last day with us will be Friday February 27. We are so very grateful to Lynn for all her hard work and dedication, and we look forward to seeing her occasionally as a substitute practitioner.

We also warmly welcome Jason Sandys LAc to Sarana's acupuncturist team!
Jason is a California licensed acupuncturist with a strong commitment to the community acupuncture practice model.

More about Jason in his own words:

I grew up in nearby Sonoma California.  I attended UC Santa Cruz for my undergrad studies in Film and Video with a year-long-life-altering travel adventure in between my studies.  This led me to yet more traveling...this time to teach English in Changsha China for a year.  I returned to China for another year to study the Chinese language, enjoy the culture, indulge in the food, and steep with the tea.  

I never liked needles and was disenchanted with our health care system, so needles(s) to say it took some time for me to find my calling in Acupuncture/East Asian Medicine.  But I guess all that time in China had an impression on me.  When I finally decided upon my path I was living in Portland, OR so I studied at OCOM (Oregon College of Oriental Medicine).  During school I had an observation shift at Working Class Acupuncture which inspired me to practice in a community acupuncture setting and reach as many individuals as possible with this wonderful medicine.  

When not needling patients, I'm spending time with my toddler (anything to do with trains).  You may also find me bike commuting, cooking, fermenting, brewing, practicing TaiJi, hiking, drinking tea, or taking photographs. 

Starting in March, Jason will work the following shifts:

  • Fridays, 11 am - 3 pm
  • Tuesdays,  2 - 6:30 pm**

**Please note that Pam will be switching from working Tuesdays to working on Sundays 10 am - 2 pm.

Please check this link for any upcoming staff substitutions and schedule changes, we update this post regularly.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

2015 Lunar New Year of the Yin Wood Goat

February 19, 2015 marks the beginning of the Year of the Yin Wood Goat (or Sheep). The Chinese horoscope is based on a cycle of 12 animals (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat/sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig) and 5 elements, (wood, fire, earth, metal and water). Thus, a particular animal-element combination recurs only once every 60 years.

In Chinese astrology this sign represents a domesticated mountain goat, and the Yin Wood Goat is thought of as a female baby goat – playful and adorable. Goats are identified with artistic expression, social harmony, fairness and cooperation.  They are idealistic and egalitarian.

During the last (yin) wood goat year (1955), President Eisenhower sent “advisers” to Vietnam, the Warsaw Pact was signed by 8 European Countries, the FDA approved the polio vaccine, and Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus.

Famous goat personalities include: Michelangelo, Franz Liszt, Mark Twain, Barbara Walters, George Harrison, Joni Mitchell, and Federico Fellini.

While 2014, the year of the (yin) wood horse, was a time of child-like vigor and direct action without much careful thinking, the goat brings gentleness, adaptability, great capacity for compromise, and effective non-verbal communication. Wood goats in particular are sincere, disciplined and industrious, making this a great year for renewal and improvements on the personal and global levels. Following are prognostications offered by Daoist scholar Liu Ming.

General Recommendations:  As the newborn goat starts jumping and playing hours after being born, the new year’s shift to wood goat energy will happen quickly in the Spring. This year offers a fresh start and an opportunity to refine our vision and reshape our environment. Begin re-visioning early so that projects can grow in the summer. In autumn, refine and perfect your new vision and in winter, let it take root for the future.
Goat energy brings a strong aesthetic awareness, not as a decorative quality, but as an expression of deep meaning. Child-like straightforward innocence and honesty are very important for success in this year.

World Politics: Goats flourish best in small egalitarian herds. It is a good year to act collectively to help others and to create social change. Many treaties are signed and alliances are made in goat years, but sometimes the goat’s idealism and naiveté result in betrayal and plans falling through without contingency arrangements. Nevertheless, this year's energy offers us the opportunity to nurture peace and basic human rights within our own hearts and communities, and thence, within the larger world.

Business and Finance: Innovation and an expanded way of thinking about success will be the most effective strategy. It is a good time to reinvent and redefine the meaning of wealth and prosperity. Sustainability, green practices and supporting local economic structures appeal to the goat’s sense of idealism and community.

Health: The wood goat year offers everyone a chance for healing and recovery. Education and self-care practices will play a big role in improving health. Plant medicine will be an effective tool. Exploring new practitioners and medical modalities is a good idea. This year, developing a relationship of trust between client and practitioner can play a major role in the healing process.

Spirituality: Goats are very successful herd animals, and in the goat year spiritual practice in community is key. Strong charismatic spiritual leaders will not be necessary, and will be scrutinized with caution, especially if they do not walk their talk. Many people will form and join new spiritual communities; new places of worship and religious practice will likely manifest worldwide.

Relationships:  The wood goat represents innocence, so friendship will dominate while romantic love will be largely absent.  Group settings will be good places to find a partner, but even then, romance will arrive slowly and friendship will be favored. In the spirit of renewal, the wood goat year is a good time to let go of stagnant relationships.  This is an important year for listening to children and giving them extra loving care and encouragement. Kids should be patiently taught responsibility, kindness and teamwork.

The wood goat year will end and the fire monkey year will begin on February 8, 2016

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Community Acupuncture from an Acupuncturist's Eye View

At Sarana, we schedule return acupuncture appointments at 10 minute intervals yet you almost never have 10 consecutive minutes of your acupuncturist's time. What are we doing when we're not treating you? Here's the view from my side of clinic operations.

My clinic day begins the previous evening. I'm not an early riser so I look at scheduled clients' charts on-line the night before. I make a list of who I'm seeing along with reminders of things I want to follow-up. I usually arrive at Sarana before 9 am, about 30-40 minutes before my morning shift starts. This gives me time to turn on the lights and heat, make sure that the chairs are neat, the bathrooms clean, and to check for stray needles on the floor. Meanwhile, one of Sarana's team of wonderful receptionists arrives to print out the list of clients for the day, check telephone messages, and set up the waiting area. By now, I will have about 5-10 minutes to open the back-area computer where we do on-line charting and look up the records of clients who booked in the last 12 hours. Or if someone comes early, I can get an early start.

Treating – the part of our interaction that you experience – is limited to about 5 minutes of talking, feeling pulses, adjusting pillows, inserting needles, and spreading blankets. Once I've done these and wished you a good nap, I have to trust that the healing process is set up. What happens to you next is a result of time, the group energy in the room, your ability to go into deep relaxation, and the needles doing whatever they do. Now it's time for me to move on.

Having treated you, I take a look around the room and make sure that everything appears in order. It's my job to “hold the space”, to be aware of what's going on, to ensure that you can nap securely. If other clients have entered the treatment area, I will want to greet them. If several arrive simultaneously, I will want to let them know how long they can expect to wait. If someone has woken, I will check if it is time to remove needles. If someone has left, I will “fluff” the recliner and make the area welcome for a new arrival.

I also need to record treatment notes for each client. If I have a gap in my schedule, I can type notes directly to each client's record. But if the schedule is busy, after every 2nd or 3rd, or 4th client, I will need to jot notes on my cheat-sheet: a list of points needled, requested wake-up times, and sometimes reminders of chief complaint or future follow-up.

A few times each shift, I will check in with the front desk area, sometimes to verify the identity of a client I don't recognize, sometimes just to see if everything is running smoothly. I must also take care of my own needs, check that the bathrooms are still clean and stocked with hand towels, and wash my hands frequently.

At the end of my shift, I need to have written a chart note for every client I've seen. On a busy day, this could be 25-or-so people. Sometimes, I also need to follow through on things I've promised clients: information, herb prescriptions, billing statements. Typically, I'm done by about 3:30pm on a day when I'm scheduled to treat people from 9:30am to 2pm. By this time, I'm ready for lunch and my own acu-nap.

~ by Pam Chang, 2/8/15

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Get Your 2015 Calendars!

They are here! Pam's hand-drawn 2015 calendars celebrating the upcoming lunar new year of the sheep/ram. Come by for an acu-nap and pick one up for free! While supplies last....