Thursday, July 23, 2015

Meet Our New Board of Directors

As part of converting to a non-profit organization, Sarana incorporated and became a California public benefit corporation. We have a fantastic new Board of Directors and we held our very first Board meeting on July 20. Please meet our Board members:

L -> R: Jeff Levin, Donna Landazuri, Dana Feliz

Donna Landazuri, Chair:
As the Office Maven at Sarana for the past three years, Donna has been doing a stellar job managing the volunteer team, and providing administrative support. Donna has been managing teams and improving administrative systems for over 10 years in a variety of settings. She also founded and led a non-profit organization that provided support and education to families with young children. Donna is a member of Sarana's Management Collaborative.

Dana Feliz, Vice-Chair:
Dana has been a regular client at Sarana since August of 2009, and regards the clinic as her sanctuary. She has certifications in Landscape Design and Landscape Construction from City College of San Francisco and has been lovingly caring for our clinic plants for years.

Jeff Levin, LAc:
Jeff is a co-owner and acupuncturist at Oakland Acupuncture Project, one of Sarana's sister Bay Area POCA clinics. Aside from personally providing an average of 80 acupuncture treatments a week, he oversees the operations of two clinic locations and manages 6 employees. He has been working in community acupuncture since 2009.

A Chart of All the Treatments Provided by Sarana Thus Far!

During the process of filling out our non-profit application, we have had to put all kinds of data together. Here is handy chart to show how many affordable acupuncture treatments we have given at Sarana since our opening in 2008 (the 2015 number includes up to the month of June):

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Acu-Buddies Special Days: Two-for-One Acupuncture!

Bring a friend with you, and you both receive acupuncture for the price of one treatment on the following days:
  • Wednesday 12/2
  • Friday 12/4

Please make separate appointments for each person.

$10 paperwork fee applies for new clients, no other discounts or specials apply.

Share the cost and relax together!