Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Meet Our New Acupuncturist: Lumiel Kim-Hammerich, LAc

You may have already noticed Lumiel's name popping up on the schedule, so please let us introduce her!

Lumiel is a seasoned practitioner with many years of community acupuncture work under her belt.

Now she brings her compassionate heart and caring skillful hands to Sarana, and we are thrilled to add her to our team!

Lumiel will be working Mondays 9:30 am - 2 pm starting 3/21/16 and Fridays 11 am - 3 pm, starting 3/18/16.

Please see her bio below to learn more about this wonderful new acupunk.

I was led to acupuncture as a career from sheer fascination.  I began studying Chinese Medicine for fun during my days in San Diego, CA. at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1988 as a student of massage, intending to use Foot Reflexology as my main modality.  Five years later I graduated as a licensed acupuncturist, having been won completely by this amazing medicine.  I moved to and practiced in Hawaii (my home state) for 7 seven years before moving to Northern California. In 2006 Community Acupuncture became my inspiration, so I converted my practice in San Rafael, CA to community acupuncture. I was privileged to serve with the founders of this daring business model, on the board of directors of Community Acupuncture Network from 2006 to 2007.  At the same time I was earning a clinical doctorate in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine through Portland, Oregon’s Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

After closing my community clinic in 2013, I continued to practice at Tao Community Acupuncture in San Rafael for two years.  In 2015 a medical hiatus gave me a chance to slow down and reconstruct my inner life and focus primarily on my own health and healing.  One of the highlights during that year was a 10-day trip to work with the curanderos in the mountains and jungle of Oaxaca, Mexico.

I like the simple things in life: the wilderness and trees, vegetable gardens, cooking, sewing, listening to stories, meditating, reading inspiring books, travel, and connecting with my four children and three grandchildren.  I live in San Rafael with my computer whisperer husband.

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